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Postby EnockNamun » Wed Feb 06, 2008 3:25 am

Hello fellow Wilbur Fanatics!

I've been reading these books for a few years now (some, like River God, more than twice)
Let's see, I've read:
River God (3 times)
Warlock (2 times)
The Seventh Scroll (2 times)
The Sungod
The Quest (Just finished)

River God, by all means, is my all-time favourite book in the world!! So I hope to learn a lot here; I'm about to start looking through everything that this forum has to offer. Hopefully you guys can answer a few questions I have about the latest book, The Quest, that I just finished:
1) Why is Lostris' baby-name Fenn, now, instead of Lanata? Kinda takes away from Tanus' namesake bow. 2) Why is Taita so awed by a rhinocerous? He designed a boat hull based on the rhino-horn for Tanus. 3) When Taita's "manroot" (I love it when Wilbur calls it that! lol) regroes, he says that he was a virgin, and was gelded before he ever had the 'opportunity'. Well, what about Alyda? I think the quote in River God is "I was gelded only after knowing the touch of a woman's body" (or something along those lines)
I guess I'll treat The Quest the same way I viewed Warlock -- a parody adventure, and not necessarily a sequal.
Anyroad, maybe these are questions for a different section, so I'll move on.. :)

I would like to know if there's any art associated with WS' Egyptian series? Fan-art, or what have you. I like to build simple webpages of my hobbies and favourite things, and would like to begin making a "Taita" site, in which I would love some art!! :)
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Postby Matbow » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:28 am

Hi EnockNamun, welcome to the forum!

I've edited your post to include a spoiler box for your questions about the Quest - just so we don't ruin the read for anyone!

I think most of your questions have been answered in the discussions we already have going on the Quest, so I won't address them here. If you still feel like your missing answers then please feel free to post in the relevant threads/start a new one.

Looking forward to seeing you around.

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Postby Nefer » Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:47 am

Yay another RG fan!!! Welcome!
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