Hey Ya'll , new member here and BIG Wilbur Smith fan

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Hey Ya'll , new member here and BIG Wilbur Smith fan

Postby feetNpuddle » Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:04 pm

:D so happy i found something like this board where i can talk to other fans of Wilbur Smith. i read my first wilbur book 3 years ago ( Blue Horizon) and proceeded to read all the courtney's a few times over since i bought them all and couldnt get bored with them i just kept re-reading my favorite books. i love Wilburs epic battles and romantic manly characters are so macho its freaken great! my favorite book is A sparrow Falls , i cry every time at the ending when....
Sean Courtney is killed with his wife ... so sad..
anyways i love how i can read W.S. books over and over and still be entertained by them as if it was the first time reading it. my next fav book is Eagle in the sky that was such a brilliant book and it will always be one of my favorites. i hope to have copies of all of his books very soon so i dont have to try to get them from the library anymore! :P i was first introduced to wilbur Smith my my sister who lived in Gambia and kenya for 7 years and she told me how grafic his detailed accounts of africa were and that they are very accurate to what reality is in africa. that is what made me read them . it only takes one and then you are hooked on his books for life. i have always been interested in africa and i hope to one day go there and see for myself what it is like, but untill then i will see it through Wilbur Smith's eyes. by the way.. does anyone know if wilbursmith announces his next booksigning location? ex: does anyone know id he is coming to canada for a book tour?

ohh by the way... Feet in a puddle is my fav sound when i was a kid...
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Re: Hey Ya'll , new member here and BIG Wilbur Smith fan

Postby Matbow » Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:05 pm

Hey feet, welcome to the forum!

Wilbur toured Canada while promoting the Quest in 2007, so I suspect he will visit again in mid 2009 while promoting Assegai...Also, his appearances will be posted on his official site:


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