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Good Day to you.

Postby trevmack » Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:42 pm

Hey guys and gals, just wanted to introduce myself to the group, and how I came upon Mr. Smiths' books. I had the fortunate oppertunity to travel to East Africa when I was 19. For nearly three months, (we'll call him Tom) Tom and I drove over 10,000 killometers through Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia. We had visas to enter Kenya, Uganda, and Etheopia but were denied entry into the former two for reasons that would take too long here, but I'm sure you can guess, as Africa is, well Africa. From Vicoria Falls to Lake Victoria we bought, packed and shiped all kinds of African art, furniture, and curios, as Tom had a gallery in the States. One of my favorite cities was and is Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, for its rich history and culture, beautiful scenery, lovely attractions, museums and a bombed out embassy, to the friendly police who were all to accepting of bribes. Here at Mikadi Beach a passing traveler gave me a copy of "Monsoon", which I read during what little down time I had, and finnished on the long flight back home. As a young American I had little knowledge of African history especially sub Saharan history, and reading that book about the places I had been traveling, made the experience more enjoyable and gave deeper meaning to our travels. After that momentus trip, I hadn't read any of Wilburs for three years, and foud copies of "The Burning Shore", "Power of the Sword", and "Rage" in a garage sale. All of which I finnished in about two months time around work and little social life as these books burried their hooks. Since then I have read 13 more titles and many other books on African history, Livingstone, Stanley, Rhodes, and so on. The Dark Continent is truely a special place that I cannot describe to anyone, my answer to some curious souls is to pick up a novel by the indominable Wilbur Smith for a taste of that great land. It's been almost ten years since my trip to that far off place and am itching without relent to voyage back. Thanks for taking the time and sharing this great pastime and honoring a great Man. T.M.
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