hello from canada

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hello from canada

Postby murphywmm » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:12 pm

Hello all!
I'm Warren from Canada and I have been a member of the board for a few weeks but only now have decided to make my introductory post.

Wilbur Smith's novels have re-ignited my love of reading. I was a book worm when I was a kid and a teenager but since then I had only read intermittently. I would read two books, very slowly... but on the third I'd get stuck and never finish it, and stop reading for months until I would read two more books and get stuck again.
However, I recently took a new job which involves an hour-long daily commute on the bus (which I get paid for, thankfully!) and I figured in order to pass the time on the bus I'd get myself back into reading. I found myself very interested in the history of Southern Africa, and so I set out to research online for some novels on that subject, and each time I did, I always got one name: Wilbur Smith. I had often seen his books in the book stores, with the black covers and the gold lettering, but I never really bothered to think what they might be about... and some of them looked really, really long! I found that his books were part of a series, so based on that I decided to start with "When a Lion Feeds". Needless to say, I was absolutely hooked on this book like I haven't been in years. I found myself absolutely thrilled by the epic story and the character of Sean Courtney and his family and friends. Wilbur's writing and character development is so expressive that I became immersed in the environment and felt like I really knew the people. Even the supporting characters were all well fleshed out and realized.

When I went back to the book store to continue Sean's story, I found they only had "Power of the Sword" (which i did pick up) and a bunch of egyptian novels... so I ordered the rest of the Sean series from Amazon, as well as 2 more in the 2nd Courtney series. I've now finished "A Sparrow Falls" (what a crazy, emotional and unexpected ending!) and have now just started "The Burning Shore". I'm very thrilled with the idea of following this family through the years and generations and I'm looking forward to also going back in time to the Courtney's of the 1700s.

Also, I'm now finally starting to get through the many unread books in my collection, as when I was waiting for my Amazon order, I polished off two books that had been collecting dust on my shelf for quite some time, that I previously was unable to get into. Now, I've started a pattern of reading books by 2 different authors in between each Wilbur book and I don't know if I just love the books I'm reading now or if I just want to get through them so I can get back to Wilbur.... LOL!
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Re: hello from canada

Postby Nefer » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:30 pm

Hi & welcome Warren :) Nice to have another Canuck on the board! You have lots of WS reading to get through - lucky!
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