Which Book Shall I Begin Reading?

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Which Book Shall I Begin Reading?

Postby PSavino » Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:11 pm

I am a pastor and just went to visit a stranger in a convalescent hospital near Palm Springs, CA. She was reading a book. I asked her if she was enjoying her book.....she said...'NO!'. I then asked if she had a favorite author. She said, I have always loved Wilbur Smith. She went on to tell me that she was born in England....but at age 31 moved with her husband to Zimbabwe for 17 years...and then to South Africa.
She asked if I knew Wilbur Smith, the author. I told her, 'no'.
Here is the deal. I want to bring Doreen one of Wilbur's books. Doreen is 87 years old. WHAT BOOK SHALL I BRING TO HER. I believe she would enjoy one of his earlier books.
What book shall I order? Please.
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Re: Which Book Shall I Begin Reading?

Postby tedd » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:26 pm

Oh Pastor what can we say!! If the lady has been a fan of Wibur's for such a long time then she has probably read all of the earlier books. Popular vote by this forum puts Wilbur's first book "When the Lion Feeds" as being the best and there is no doubt that it can be read and enjoyed many times. Followed by the "Sound of Thunder" - I would say both of these books would bring back happy memories for her.
As an 87 yo myself and a former resident of Zimbabwe please relay the Forum's good wishes to her in her convalescence.
I have no doubt that other members will offer a contribution
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Re: Which Book Shall I Begin Reading?

Postby E-Hoog » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:50 am

On the other hand, if she has always enjoyed Wilbur Smith it might be that she is unfamiliar with some of his latest work. Whatever you do, don't bring her Assegai, Those in Peril or The Quest. However, the Egyptian series (River God, Seventh Scroll and Warlock) or the seafaring Courtney series (Birds of Prey, Monsoon and Blue Horizon) might be worth a try. Or maybe even Triumph of the Sun. That one is very recent (2005) and still of his former level (in my opinion). I'm not sure if I've gotten you any closer ;)
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Re: Which Book Shall I Begin Reading?

Postby Nefer » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:33 pm

And if she spent time in Zimbabwe she will probably enjoy "A Falcon Flies". I'm not 87 and it hasn't been that long that I've been away from Zims and the prose in that book still makes me weep (ok maybe I'm exaggerating but you what I mean!?)

And Pastor that's a very nice thing you're doing for a complete stranger :) Please let her know other fans of the books are thinking of her and sending her good thoughts.
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Re: Which Book Shall I Begin Reading?

Postby chris hall » Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:42 pm

After reading every book of mr WilburSmith,I can advise you to start with A FALCON FLIES.The Ballantyne series is Historical,Factual and above alall a bloody good story.I laIughed,I cried,I wanted to be there.I was there actually.Every steped every sunrise,sweated out Malaria..loved loand hated...u are a mastwr Mr Smith
After doing my own research I discovered that Zougar is Frederick Selous..the elephant hunter..From Chris Hall...AUSTRALIA
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