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Postby Matbow » Wed May 10, 2006 2:12 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Usergroup Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Just a little bit of info and clarification about usergroups:

There are four standard "member" usergroups in this forum:

1) The Courtneys
2) The Ballantynes
3) The San (Standalone Novels)
4) The Egyptians

When registering for the forum users select which usergroup they wish to join. Users can be a member of only ONE usergroup.

Membership of a specific usergroup gives users access to a private forum accessible only by usergroup members (see exception below). Posts in these forums can be of any nature (as long as it stays within the rules of the forum) however, please bare in mind that any threads that are deemed to be of general interest to other members (ie if it is Wilbur Smith related) will be moved to the "main" forum.

In addition to the above 4 groups there is also a "Gods and Goddesses" usergroup. This usergroup is only open to members who have made more than 500 posts. Membership of this usergroup has the following benefits:

- Access to all 4 usergroup forums
- Custom (user-defined) Rank
- Special Rank Image
- "God and Goddess" 2nd Rank

When you have made your 500th post your rank will automatically change to "??? - PM matbow". Do as it says, including your desired rank in the PM. Ranks that attempt to mimic positions of seniority (Admin, Moderator etc...) will not be allowed. You can also join the "Gods and Goddesses" usergroup - once this has been approved you will have access to all the forums.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the added benefits of this usergroup the forum moderators and myself will ensure that the forum does not become full of meaningless posts. Any members who are posting simply to increase their post count will be warned, the offending posts removed and their post count reduced by 10 per "meaningless" post.



PS - The "Gods and Goddesses" name may change - I'de prefer something that sounds a little bit more universal, but still specific to Wilbur Smith. If you have any ideas then please let me know!
“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”

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