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Fan Fic Disclaimer and Resources

Postby Matbow » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:37 pm

With our Fanfic section well and truely up and running thanks to "Kate' and 'Nefie" I thought I'de do a bit of hunting on the net for some ideas/guidlines etc. But, first things first:


The fan fiction contained within this forum are based on the original work of Wilbur Smith. All original characters and plot lines are the property of Wilbur Smith and his publishers. Any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is coincidental. All stories are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended as a copyright infringement.

Ok, so with that out of the way the first thing I found was this:

How to Write a Fanfiction

A Fanfiction is a story you create where you take characters from a movie, TV show, book, cartoon, and other possible sources and put them in situations of your own design.


1. Think of the movie, book, TV show, cartoon, or other source you would like to use characters from.
2. Devise a plot and a setting, and any possible extra characters of your imagination that you might wish to add.
3. Jot down your plot somewhere so you don't forget what you're writing about.
4. Begin to write your story in the most descriptive, attractive, and most appealing way possible.
5. After you are done with sections of your story or your entire story, revise and proofread your story to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.


* Write your story in chapters, with each chapter in a separate document for easier writing and editing. It also is handy when you publish your story to Fan Fiction, Freedom of Speech: Fan Fiction Archive, or Adult Fan Fiction because you have to publish each chapter separately.
* Try to write your story in a way that will appeal to your readers. If you are a beginner writer, don't worry. You'll get better the more you write.
* Most fanfictions have characters from one book, TV show, movie, and from the other possible sources.
* Don't let people pressure you into submitting a chapter before it's ready. Make sure you're happy with it before you submit.
* People hate inconsistencies and continuity errors. Make sure that your fiction is consistent with what is already known about the universe for which you are writing.


* Make sure you write a disclaimer in your story. A disclaimer is where you tell where you got your characters from, and it's necessary to keep from being sued.
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