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Postby daveshow » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:11 am

Has anyone noticed that a couple of episodes of the TV series the professionals are named after WS books? There is one called Wild Justice and another called Cry Wolf. Could someone tell me the plot of these stories so i can see if they influenced the show?

Cheers, Davy
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Postby Nefer » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:01 am

Hmm, haven't caught the show on tv here... but then again I've not been watching too much tv!

Haven't the books in question either, but here are the blurbs up at WS's site:

Cry WolfFollowing the outstanding success of Eagle in the Sky and The Sunbird, Wilbur Smith turns to the mountains and deserts of Ethiopia as the setting. The date – that catastrophic winter of 1935-6, when the wolf of Rome, the armies of Italy, threatened to annihilate the almost defenceless Ethiopian people.

Jake Barton, a tough, hard-punching engineer from Texas, and Gareth Swales, a stylish old-Etonlan gun-runner down on his luck, make a lucrative arms deal with an Ethiopian prince, and dare to challenge the international blockade on land and sea to deliver a consignment of ancient and decrepit armoured cars to his beleaguered countrymen.

Part of the deal also calls for them to take, along with the armour, a beautiful but fiery young American woman journalist, who has espoused the Ethiopian cause. The three of them, Jake, Gareth and Vicky, find themselves swept irresistibly from a daring adventure Into a violent confrontation with death among the high mountains of Ethiopia.

High-tension drama and a rich cast of Ethiopian and Italian characters, led by the indomitable and unforgettable partnership of Jake and Gareth, combine to make Cry Wolf an exhilarating read, a worthy addition to Wilbur Smith's impressive record of bestselling novels.

Wild JusticeWild Justice contains in full measure all the elements that the name of Wilbur Smith promises: pace, tension, complex but satisfying plotting, strong love interest, vivid scenes of action and a complete grasp of the subject.

It is a novel which powerfully reinforces Wilbur Smith's claim to be one of the world's leading writers of adventure.

In Wild Justice he tells of ruthless men and a beautiful woman locked in a struggle for power such as few men dream of; it is a novel of treachery and betrayal, of loyalty and courage, of hatred and love.

The narrative sweeps remorselessly across oceans and continents to its stunning climax in the deserts of Galilee.

It is a story you will not readily forget, for such is its credibility that it could be taking place at this very moment.

Hope this helps! & BTW, what is the show you've been watching about?
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Postby John R » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:33 am

Hey really good reviews there! thanks
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Postby daveshow » Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:09 pm

Hey thanks they only have the names in common lol. The professionals is an action drama programme about 2 special policemen in the fictional CI5 organisation. Basicly CI5 has special powers that make them almost above the law when if comes to enforcing it. its riveting stuff I highly recommend it!

BTW if your wondering

the Cry Wolf episode is about a woman who is getting harrassed for unknown reasons but for a very brief time she is thought to be faking it.

the Wild Justice episode concerns Bodie looking for revenge for a murdered friend but going outside CI5.
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