The Murder Mystery Thriller That Did Not Have An Ending

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The Murder Mystery Thriller That Did Not Have An Ending

Postby johnrogers » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:32 pm

Just got dupped feel like a Donkeys Ass .I just read a novel [b11] [b7] ( Matbow and Nefer ) I am in the right category.

Was not going to mention the author or the name of the book but have decided to anyway name of book Crush - author Alan Jacobson [-X What a pee off I enjoyed 100% each and every page while reading thought of Wilbur Smith website and was going to put acclaim as a great read for mystery and thriller buffs under Other Authors - read the novel ( crush ) about 350 pages long enjoyed the book kind of like reading a Lee Child or Jeffery Devers or alan Patterson type of book - you know good fun,keeps you on the edge of your seat ( who dun it ) type of murder mystery book - What a p**s at the ending. There was no ending only a lead on to the PUBLICATION of the next book so old Alan Jacobson the author can sell some more books.There was even an acknowledgement from the author at the end of the book about the ending.Man oh man I am mad will never read another book by the author I even went to his website and he has an explanation of his ending.GREAT Author but only in it for the money - The murder mystery novel without an ending ( never again )

Thank God For Good Literature and Authors

Ban The Indie Authors Who Are In It For The $$$$$$

[-X :-k Think I need a coffee break
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