What Is Your Pet Peeve

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What Is Your Pet Peeve

Postby johnrogers » Fri May 31, 2013 11:24 am

:lol: I do have a pet peeve something that has brought me to my darkest places many times in my life.
Adhesive Labels
You know that coffee cup you have had for 2 years has been thru your dishwasher 1000 times but still has a remnant of adhesive label on the bottom of the cup.Just about every product you purchase has a sticky label attached to it somehow glued on to hold with space age adhesives that are there forever.I am a fuss budget about removing the labels and cleaning the adhesive 100% off,because if you do not get all it it becomes a catch all for eternity.Some of the adhesives are impossible to remove,I have a special adhesive remover called Goo Be Gone that I spray on the adhesive to remove.

Packaging For Kids Toys
Some of this plastic shrink sealed packaging that they use is brutal I keep an Xacto knife handy in my drawer :shock: we are always buying the grandsons there Captain America or something or the other not to mention the several birthdays and special occasion that happen over the year.The other thing is you have to be so damned careful when you are opening these things you can easily cut a huge swath on your hand if your not careful.

Anyway anybody else got any particular thing that drives you around the bend. :shock:
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Re: What Is Your Pet Peeve

Postby tedd » Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:34 am

Hello again JohnRogers - I've just 'GoogleEarth'ed you and was surprised to see you are not in Vancouver but on Vancouver Island. You sure are in a fabulous spot there - close to the water, surrounded by parks and certainly not over-crowded. If I had put my specs on I think I would have been able to see you sucking on your tenderloin steak!! Haha!! I've just been in touch with an old friend who has just read my memoirs and said that I had done what he had dreamed about when he was milking his fathers cows on the farm in eastern Australia i.e. fly a plane and then venture into the heart of darkest Africa. Yes that was a dream of mine too which actually came to life, but I also dreamed about following in the footsteps of Robert Service, lumberjacking in British Columbia, and scratching for gold in the Yukon. The thought of it now freezes me to the marrow but seeing your habitat brings it all back and makes me wish I had tried to spend some time looking closer at those other faraway places - like Vancouver Island?? All the best
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