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I've taken this from the book cover

"Sand in the Wind is a major novel of the African Bush encompassing the last 30 years of the country that was called Rhodesia ubtil its emergence as the independent country renamed Zimbabwe. In a blend of fact and fiction, of real life and invented characters, this novel is violent, harrowing, yet hauntingly beautiful. It is also a love story - between a man and a woman, and between a game warden and the wilderness he fights to protect. But more than that it is a story about wildlife and its mixed fortunes as the 20th century draws to a close. Not since Something of Value and Run for the Trees has there been a story that so evocatively captures the essence of wild Africa."

Some of the names of people and places are real, some are changed but still recognisable to those who are aware of the Zimbabwe/Rhodesia history. Even the fictional characters have an overwhelming reality about them.
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