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I dont think CC has been mentioned in this forum but I am agreat lover of her work( owning 104 of them) so I though I'd give her a little shout out.

Most people are misled by the fact that her novels are called romances by many , she maintained throughout her career that although there are love stories in most of her books they are not the main theme .
Born in the north east of england before the first world war to a single mother who she believed to be her older sister catherine like wilbur smith based almost all of her novels in the area she knew and loved and wrote about the peopl;e she grew up with .
mostly they are about poverty and hardship in a time when the class system ruled all and the poor had no voice .
I would recommend these books to all especiallyy the silent lady which was the last book she wrote using only a tape recorder as she was almost completely blind and deaf and most certainly dying .
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