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Postby bayside » Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:49 pm

Since all Wilbur Smith fans seem to be interested in history and historic events of Africa, I will recommend James Norman Hall's books for any of you who have been interested in the scattered islands of Polynesia. Hall has an insight and understanding of the Polynesians that is unequaled among modern writers. His books, as well as those written with Charles Nordhoff, more than 20 in all, will give you views and insights that you will never forget.

Their most famous books, of course, are: Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against the Sea, and Pitcairn's Island.

Hall and Nordhoff met during WWI, when both were fighter pilots with the famed Lafayette Escadrille. After the war, both were so disillusioned they moved to Tahiti, where they remained as lifelong friends.

Most of their books are out of print, and only available through good libraries. I have spent many years looking for their works in used bookstores.

Ten years ago, when I was a young 67, I had the pleasure of spending two months in French Polynesia, where I was able to travel by small, rusty, cargo ships that distributed food and supplies from the container port of Papeete throughout the Societies, Australes, Gambiers, Tuamotus, and Marquesas. Adventurous travelers can still do this, though most seem content with visiting major ports on luxurious cruise ships.
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Postby johnrogers » Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:19 pm

Thanks Baysde,that is exactly why or my favourie thing about belonging to this forum,and that is good leads on books that are worthwhile to read,I intend to catch up and read some of Hall or Nordhoff.

[b7] - I want to read your first book when it is published on amazon - I will download it the day it comes out - so please let the forum know when it is coming out

[b7] [b7] [b7] - I used to ride a Kawasaki motorcycle as you did in Japan - however I rode mine in Winnipeg Manitoba when I was a teenager with my girlfriend attached to the back seat - let the good times roll Bayside
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