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Invasion America!

Postby wingwriter2000 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:38 am

What would happen if the Islamic nations of the world met over 20 years ago and agreed to unite their power and resources in the interest of accomplishing one important goal? The incremental and vicious destruction of the United States. What if they spent the next two decades infiltrating the USA, gathering arms, carefully selecting targets and preparing for the day they would unleash their fury upon an apathetic and lazy populous? Invasion America lays out in detail a blueprint of just how a terrifying event like this might unfold.

Hello! My name is Alan Wing and Invasion America is my first novel. For years I have read novels that claimed to be action packed, and yet, as I read, I found myself searching for the excitement I was promised. Far more times than I can count I was left feeling very dissapointed and dissatisfied. So I sat down to write the novel I had been wanting to read for many years. I promise, you the reader, the action in Invasion America begins with chapter one and continues to escalate in intensity right till the very end.

This is not your typical story about an attack upon America that finds a covert ops hero assigned to track down the villains and along the way falls in "lust" with a stunning heroine. Then together, at the last possible moment, they swoop in and save the day just as the "bad guy" prepares to push the button that will end us all. Invasion America resides much closer to reality and how we as a nation might react. It examines what choices we might be forced to take even though they may be politically incorrect. It makes us look deeper into our dark and vengeful inner man and though we may discover we don't like what we find, we have no other choice than to embrace it.

How do you stop an invisible enemy when they have no organized structure which to stage an armed campaign against? When there is no government which can be forced to the negotiation table? What if they struck America in countless locales, then did not allow the US time to recover as they did after the events of Sept. 11th? What could we do as a nation? What might you do?

I wrote this novel in 2004 and early '05, then spent several months in the publication process. I say that to say the following. Several events I wrote into the novel have actually taken place already or have drifted frighteningly close:

1. Oil prices would be driven over $75 a brl after huge and devastating hurricanes tore through the Gulf of Mexico forcing the president to release US oil reserves.

2. Republicans would be voted from office in a landslide election due to the unpopularity of the war in Iraq.

3. The Holland tunnel would be blown up. (US officials recently spoiled a plot to do that very thing!)

4. US troops would be placed on the southern border.

5. Late in 2005 a Jordanian married couple walked into a hotel wedding reception in Oman, Jordan and attempted to blow themselves up. His bomb detonated, hers failed. This is the first record I can find of a married couple carrying out homicide bombings together. What was disconcerting to me was the antagonists in the first half of Invasion America just happen to be a Jordanian married couple lurking here in the United States.

6. In Invasion America, our attackers use surface to air weapons to carry out attacks. Late in 2005, authorities arrested two men in southern California for attempting to smuggle in surface to air missiles to do that very thing.

7. In the novel, terrorists use scuba divers to attack shipping. I recently read an article which revealed the Coast Guard and the Navy have been working feaverishly to invent a sonar to distinguish between dolphins and human beings. Their given reason was the prevention of the aforementioned attacks on shipping.

There are several other instantces in the novel that cause a raised eyebrow here and there as well, which I will not eleborate on here.

Suffice it to say I believe you will enjoy the novel for it's frightening realism.

Invasion America is available at all major online bookstores. However, has several reviews posted by readers who enjoyed the story.

If you have read this far, then I thank you very much for taking the time to do so. I can only hope you like what you've read so far and will take the next step and purchase Invasion America! You will not be dissappointed. Thank you, Alan Wing.
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Postby John R » Wed Nov 22, 2006 12:52 pm

Hi Alan. :) I did indeed read all of your post and found it interesting. Of course, it is nothing like a Wilbur book, but you said in another post that his book Birds of Prey helped inspire you to write your own novel. How come something so different got you writting about such a subject as Terrorism? I would have thought someone along the lines of Clancy would have helped more than Wilbur Smith?
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Postby Nefer » Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:27 pm

yeah same question here!!

Somehow I thought the book would be set historically - at the time of settlers or something, since WS does write mainly historical stuff.

Am off to see if my library has the book :mrgreen:
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Postby wingwriter2000 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:55 pm

I understand your queries. Most authors tend to draw upon their own background and experiences and I am no exception. I served in the United States Marine Corps for nearly eight years and later as a Deputy Sheriff. About the time I discovered Mr. Smith the terrorism issue was front and center in the public forum. I have always wanted to write, but reading Wilbur's work really stirred the creative juices in me. So, I sat down one day and just started typing. At first I thought maybe a short story. Before I knew it I had three chapters and the words kept flowing out of me. Six months later I had 340 pages and over 126,000 words.

I'm not sure why Clancy and his ilk didn't inspire me because I have read him and many like him. I can only surmise that Wilbur stoked something in me and I had to let it flow. The afterword in the novel explains my thought process for writing the type of novel I did. It runs for three pages and I will glady post it here if there is interest.

Thank you for your questions and feel free to ask more. Alan.
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Postby John R » Thu Nov 23, 2006 12:58 pm

Thanks for explaining Alan, i understand how Wilbur would really stir the creative juices in you. He without doubt has that "something special"...that X-factor if you will, about his work
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Postby wingwriter2000 » Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:21 pm

Here, as it appears at the end of Invasion America,

When I first sat down to write this book I had no idea what it would become. I had been thinking ever since 9/11 why had the United States not been struck again. Sure we are waging war against terrorists worldwide. We’re throwing money, resources and lives at the problem hand over fist. But, have our efforts been so great that we are actually preventing further attacks? The more I thought about it, the more I began to believe there must be something more terrible in store for us and for some unknown reason it has not yet been unleashed.

Then I thought, suppose all of this time we have been looking in the wrong direction. What if we have been so absorbed with preventing the enemy from getting to our soil, we have virtually blinded ourselves to the fact they were already here: planning, plotting, preparing, waiting…

History tells us that throughout the ages some of the most successful military victories came from ingenious planning that involved elaborate sleight of hand and misdirection. Is that what America’s enemies are attempting to achieve themselves? How vulnerable are we? Are our enemies prepared and in the position to take advantage of those vulnerabilities? I believe they are.

While this book is a work of fiction that spawned from the thrift shop of my own imagination, the possibility it could actually take place remains very real. If only a quarter of what occurs in the story were to happen, what would the damage to our society, our dreams and our futures be?

There are some that will say that I have gone overboard in my descriptions of the treachery our enemies are willing to go to in order to ensure our destruction. That surely no one could hate us so badly as to go to such lengths. If you are one of those naïve individuals, then please take the time to visit the website MichaelSavage.Com. Take a look at the beheading videos the host has made available there. Listen closely to the repetitive chants of “Allahu Akbar” as these peace-loving holy warriors savagely saw off the heads of innocent and defenseless men. These videos will provide you with a brutal glimpse into the rancid heart of our enemy. Please note that these videos are extremely graphic and are not for the faint of heart! I cannot emphasize this enough!!!

Perhaps if the mainstream media were to play these videos on the evening news, or maybe just the sound clips with a narrator providing a description of events, then no doubt the brutal treatment of terrorists at Abu Ghraib might not have seemed so egregious to the American public.

The evil intents of bad men and women can only be checked by willingness of good men and women to intervene. Ignoring evil will not make it go away; it will only perpetuate and feed it!

I hope you enjoyed the story, because that is why I wrote it. I don’t know what the eventual solution for our terrorism conflict is to be; however, I have taken great liberties in presenting what I believe to be both a fictional yet plausible option. I understand while some readers will take exception to some of the things I’ve written and others will bang a drum of triumph; offense to no one is my intent. Until the war on terror is eventually resolved, I urge each of you in:

Albuquerque Atlanta
Bangor Beverly Hills
Boise Boston
Charlotte Charleston
Cheyenne Chicago
Colorado Springs Corpus Christi
Dallas-Forthworth Des Moines
Detroit Duluth
El Sugunda Fort Wayne
Fresno Green Bay
Helena Houston
Johnson City Kalamazoo
Kansas City Lake Charles
Las Vegas Lexington
Little Rock Long Beach
Los Angeles Lubbock
Memphis Miami
Minot Morgantown
Mount Airy Myrtle Beach
New Orleans New York City
Norfolk Oklahoma City
Omaha Peoria
Philadelphia Pine Bend
Pineville Pittsburgh
Portland Raleigh
Redding Richmond
Riverside Sacramento
Salem San Antonio
San Francisco Savannah
Shreveport Springfield
Tallahassee Tupelo
Tucson Washington, DC

And those of you in every other city and community, big and small, that didn’t make it in into the book, to remain vigilant. They are here among us. They will strike. Perhaps they are right now!
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