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Postby Penitent » Fri Dec 29, 2006 5:48 pm

I picked up "Life of Pi" based on the excellent reviews and several recommendations from friends. When that happens your expectations soar, and most of the times you are disappointed. That was my experience with LOP. Martel is a very good writer, but I was left wanting more
The first part of the book is fantastic and engrossing, we meet Pi and we walk with him thru his tribulations with religion and being a Hindu, Muslim and Christian at the same time. Also we learn about his life as a son of a zoo director. Unfortunately those two story lines are not developed further and we are left wanting more.

The second part is a tale of survival and endurance, again very well written. Narrated thru the eyes of a boy while on really extenuating circumstances. Lots of symbolisim and fantasy here.

The third part tries to wrap up the story leaving it up to the reader to decide what's real and what's not.

Overall it was a good book; nor excellent. I just don't understand all the fascination about it. Also, a warning. It has very violent passages, I'm amazed that this is becoming required reading in some schools. I would not recommend it to a teenager or the faint of heart.
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