John Mannock a.k.a. John Mckinna

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John Mannock a.k.a. John Mckinna

Postby Penitent » Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:00 pm

He is a retired commercial diver. Under John Mckinna he writes about the adventures of Ben Gannon, you guest it, another commercial diver. There are three titles so far on the series “Crash Dive”, “Tiger reef” and “Shark Lake. They are all excellent

Under John Mannock he writes WWII thrillers. I have read “Iron Coffin” and what a discovery! I cannot praise this book enough. Great characterization, outstanding story telling, action packed, minimalist study of characters. This book has it all.
WWII from the perspective of the "other" side. Hard to put down and you will have a knot in your throat by the time you reach the last page..

His writing stile is up there with Wilbur!
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