Missing Ballantyne Books Ideas Part 2

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Missing Ballantyne Books Ideas Part 2

Postby Peter Russ » Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:51 pm

Book 6 1928-1933

Premier Ralph Ballantyne oversee's the development of Rhodesia as a Crown Colony and innovates and brings changes to the new Rhodesia. Jonathan Ballantyne is working for his father on a variety of jobs from simple paper work to surveying land. Rob Mellow too, works as a personal assistant to Ralph despite having only one arm. Robert St. John and his ageing mother Robyn pension Ralph to secure more rights for the native peoples of the colony but Ralph still is resentful of the Matabele for killing his first wife Cathy almost 25 years earlier. When Ralph meets Gideon Kumalo the son of Bazo, the man who killed Cathy, he becomes enraged and refuses Robyn's proposals. Robyn and Gideon decide to work to create a possible scandal for Ralph and blackmail him. Jonathan buys a large tract of land near King's Lynn and begins development of his own estate to rival King's Lynn. A large coal deposit is discovered on Jonathan's land and Ralph travels to the deposit to observe it himself, along the way however, his car pops a tire and swerves out of control sending it off the road. Ralph survives but is paralysed below the waist and is forced to resign as Premier. Robyn, despite having masterminded a plan to blackmail Ralph, ceases her efforts upon hearing of his accident. Jonathan takes over King's Lynn at the request of his father and assumes control of the Ballantyne holdings. A year later, Ralph is struck by down by an unknown disease and is weakened. Knowing that he is dying, Ralph wills everything he owns to Jonathan and dies with Jonathan, Robert Mellow, and his wife Elizabeth at his side. The largest funeral in the history of Rhodesia is held and Ralph is buried in the Matopo Hills where his father Zouga, Cecil Rhodes, and other heroes were laid to rest. Howard Moffat becomes the new Premier and Robert Mellow his close advisor and Rhodesia and the rest of the British Empire observe as Hitler and the Nazi Party take control of Germany and the beginning of the road to the war that will change the world forever.
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