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Ballantyne Report

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 2:55 pm
by falcon5096
Hiya all back again,

Well It's complete, I have just completed the full Ballantyne epic, in time for Christmas.

A few points, as with the Courtneys, the whole or a part can be read at any time, However, the whole being only over four volumes, it is better to follow in sequence at whatever pace you prefer.

The comparison between the Ballantynes and Courtneys are glaring, the two major players of Southern Africa are depicted almost like the cowboy films of old, " black hats and white hats". The South Africa story through the Courtneys is almost the white hats, as genuine growth. Whilst the Rhodesia/Zimbabwee story through the Ballantynes is a much, much darker story, showing the grossest dark side of Africa both Black(tribal) and White, and tragic also.

There is a vast amount of scope to fill in many gaps in the Ballantyne history, such as Ralphs later life and the time until Jonathans later life.

The comparison between the two epics is also shown between the families and the two Countries, the underlying difference could be summed up simply, with Tungates statement in Leopard, "kiss an Afrikaaner". PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUT OF CONTEXT, this statement has to be reached in the normal course of the story.

Finally there is possibly more scope to expand the Ballantyne saga than Courtneys, especially now, with WS opening Pandoras Box with the referances made in ToTS.....

AAAAAAAAnyhooooo bye for now ( I'm on to the Egytians now)



HAPPY WILBUR READING TO ALL.....ANY ORDER ANY WILBUR ANY TIME ANYWHERE.........................................................