Taita's Cookbook

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Taita's Cookbook

Postby EnockNamun » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:18 am

Is it just me, or does WS have an awesome way of making primitive cooking sound delicious? This is something I would love to try:

I WOULD NOT TRUST OUR COOK WITH IT, so I prepared the cobra myself. I skinned and
gutted it and stuffed it with wild garlic and other herbs, together with a dollop of mutton fat from the tail of
a prime ram. Then I coiled it in a ball and wrapped it in banana leaves and covered the whole bundle
with a thick coating of wet clay. I built over the lump of clay a hot fire which I kept burning all day.
That evening when I cracked open the hard-baked ball of clay, the aroma released by the succulent
white flesh flooded our mouths with saliva. There are those who have dined at my table who say they
have never eaten tastier food than that which I prepare, and who am I to contradict my friends?
I served the flaky fillets to my mistress with a wine of five-palm quality that Aton had chanced upon in
Pharaoh's store-rooms. My Lady Lostris insisted that I sit with her under the barrazza in the courtyard
and share the meal. We agreed that it was better than the tail of crocodile, or even than the flesh of the
finest perch from the Nile.

Even bull testicles fried in honey sounds pretty darn succulent.

Maybe this is just my weird, gluttonous tastes for cultural foods..... lol
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Re: Taita's Cookbook

Postby Etaeb » Fri May 09, 2008 9:32 am

he he. I'll only eat 'it' if Taita cooks it. Since he can't, well...

What were his favourite dishes?
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