The game of Bao

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The game of Bao

Postby tomdraug » Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:36 am

Hello my fellow Wilbur Smith fans!

I am immensely interested in the game of bao, which is so important in the egyptian cycle. I noticed, in the first part, it is also called senet, which of course is entirely different game. I tried to research this mysterious game, and I found two:

1. senet game as found in numerous tombs, a pursuit game of 3x10 fields, depicting travel of man's soul after death, and,

2. bao, which belongs to mancala family, which is sowing ar seed game, 4x8 holes (nyumba)

In the Seventh Papyrus, it is stated that bao is 8x8 game, similar to chess.

Now, the question. Do you have an idea what is this game? Any hint, rules etc.
I will be very grateful for your opinions and advice!

Best regards from Ponad,
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