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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Postby romeoblaze » Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:00 am

One Hundred Years of Solitude

"One hundred years of solitude" is not an easy book, make no mistake about it. Or at least it's not an easy book to begin with. However, its sweet, dreamlike narrative, and as the story of Macondo will exist in the subconscious appreciation of many aspects of human nature seep touch, and I defy anyone to put it down enough to the patient before he or she to read a hundred pages or so.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a small world for the residents to look all the horrors of human society is built at the same time suffering. So that it is crammed full of magical fantasy novels often feel like there is nothing more that the author, yet incredibly narrow focus may put focus almost exclusively on the fate of an incredible family.

Finally, as to Marquez doubtlessly the reader a slightly surreal, yet completely fascinating dream emerges as the final pages, enough for less than 350 pages may seem like an impossible feat in a century of history is worth describing, but the author only that postscript more, by completely subverting everything that has gone before.

The book also mythology, history, sociology has the slightest interest or just someone with good old-fashioned story-telling needed for studying.
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